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Frequently asked questions concerning outdoor advertising.

7 ft. Advertising Blimps     $328
Thumbnail of four advertising blimps, ten feet in length, colored foreground to back, yellow with red fins, orange with white fins, red with yellow fins and blue with yellow fins; all having the bold logo HyVee painted onto the side of each blimp in white except for the yellow blimp, where the logo is painted red.
3 ft.    NET LIFT = 0.3 POUNDS

328  (blimp only  -  call about artwork)

•  The 7' blimp is our smallest blimp. It is an ideal blimp for trade shows.

•  The advertising space on the 7' blimp is 18" x 36", which is also the size
    of the side banners.  There is not enough lift to carry any banners but the     blimp comes with top attachments so it can be hung.

•  The 7' blimp is constructed of four panels: one top panel, two side panels
    and a belly panel.  The fins are only available in red and blue.

The 7' blimp is not designed for outdoor flight so it should only be used inside where there is no wind.

PDF sheet - specifications for 7' advertising blimp

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